Who am I?



It all begun with photography years ago. I found it captivating then and it is still a source of fascination for me to this day.

Motion pictures crossed my life later when I was studying towards an MA at Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) of Tallinn University, Estonia.

Travel, action sports and continuous exploration in life is a must for me. I build my own gear and tools, if needed; DIY is my lifestyle.

My ability to focus and purposefully think out of the box allow me to accomplish the best results in whatever challenge I am facing. I love what I am doing and with my comprehensive work experience and formal education I am well-equipped to fulfil your intent, be it taking still images or directing motion pictures.

One big part is food photography, co-founder at https://tasteabit.com/ 

CV Emils Skrivelis PDF

Need help? Write or call, available worldwide.

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